Daughter Quotes

The moment your daughter was born was probably the happiest time of your life. The birth of a child is such an intense and wonderful moment that there simply aren’t words to describe the overwhelming joy that comes with it. When you’re holding your daughter for the first time in your hands, you feel endorphins rushing through your entire body. So many tensions and fears are instantaneously relieved when you see that your daughter – this precious little miracle of life – is just fine. In fact, it may seem like as if you’re brimming with an overwhelming variety of emotions, ranging from pure joy, happiness, and excitement. At the same time, you will have also realized what a huge responsibility you have from now on for that being lying in your arms. The birth of your daughter may be years or decades ago but it’s very likely that she has grown to become one of the most important aspects of your life. To celebrate the deep bond you have with your wonderful daughter, we’ve prepared a collection of inspirational daughter quotes. (You may also like our collection of inspirational mother daughter quotes).

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